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Weather & Climate on the Queensland Coast

There is a reason Queensland earned the reputation as ‘beautiful one day and perfect the next’. The Queensland Central Coast has a subtropical climate characterised by warm sunny weather for most of the year. The summers are hot if a bit humid in some areas while winters are fairly temperate. Warm summer temperatures range from 29 C – 31 C while the mild winter weather experiences temperatures from 9 C – 17 C.

As Australia’s second largest state, the weather and climate of Queensland varies significantly. QLD’s Central Coast is a wide ranging stretch of coastline that features monsoonal wet seasons in the north, with warmer temperatures for the coastal strip influenced by the surrounding ocean waters. Although this means the region does not experience extreme weather conditions, it does provide the moisture for the state’s rainfall.

According to humidity and temperature, the QLD Central Coast’s four most common climate zones are:

• hot humid summer (far north and coastal)
• warm humid summer (coastal elevated hinterlands and coastal south-east)
• hot dry summer, mild winter (central west)
• hot dry summer, cold winter (southern west)

Generally, the Queensland Central Coast’s weather and climate experiences two distinct seasons, a ‘winter’ period with mild temperatures and little rainfall and a balmy ‘summer’ period of hot humid temperatures and higher average rainfalls.


CityMin Temp in CelsiusMax Temp in CelsiusNumber Clear DaysAv Rainfall mm
Cairns 2029862223


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